Hand Crafted by Eric Oesterle


Wood Products and Furniture

Handmade in Vermont

Hand Crafted by Eric Oesterle was officially started in July 2010. I have been building wood products and furniture for many years. I decided to start trying out the local farmers markets and craft fair circuit. The response was AMAZING!!!


Well over SIX THOUSAND cutting boards and butcher blocks sold & counting! Some have made their way to the UK, Canada, Chile, Scotland, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Singapore, Israel, Australia and Japan.


I currently operate out of my "small basement shop." Don't let the phrase fool you. I've been able to create a lot of great products over the years out of that small basement. 


Most of my lumber is purchased from Vermont hardwood retailers. However, I try really hard to find that "back-woods" Vermont farmer, who just happens to have a barn full of old, Vermont grown hardwood!